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Review | Poetry | In the Dark, Soft Earth by Frank Watson

Sensual and Entrancing

In the Dark, Soft Earth by Frank Watson is a sensual and entrancing poetry book beautifully illustrated.

Our thanks to the author and Plum White Press for the Advanced Reader’s Copy.


Book Details

Title: In the Dark, Soft Earth by Frank Watson
Pages: 236
Publication Date: Plum White Press (July 7, 2020)
Language: English

Book Description:

Dig into this delectable journey through the dark, sensual, and ravishing poetry of Frank Watson. Ruminate the searing to the sultry as you absorb this haunting lilt of burning carnality. The poems ignite rapid and surprising shifts in focus and perspective as they twist and turn your preconceptions, allowing the implications to linger in your thoughts.

Vignette verses explore the workings of love, nature, spirituality, and dreams with sprinklings of tarot symbolism and jazzy blues. Together these verses contemplate the subtle underpinnings of a soft earth.

From the Publisher’s Blurb

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It had been ages since I read poetry, and I had forgotten how powerful poems can be.

What I like most about poetry is that each person reads the verses differently. Our emotions and experiences play a role in how we interpret the words.

In the Dark, Soft Earth is divided into ten books, each of them with a different theme but somehow interconnected.

Some beautiful paintings illustrate the poems or serve as a source of inspiration. In Book 8, for example, the poems are inspired in old tarot cards.

The poems are very passionate and touching. I loved how nature and its elements were incorporated into the verses. It felt like a dream by a faraway mythical beach.

There is a strong sense of passion, love, and loss throughout the book.

We speak
in smoke signals
around in circles
to the touch

signals, p. 25

The majority of the poems are short and can be read individually or in context. I would love to have a hardcover sitting on my coffee table to read through at leisure.

woman of earth
and mountains
clay and fire_
I will stay
through all the seasons

duet, p. 68

Some poems are sensual and passionate, others deal with loss and grief or take the reader into the poet’s wandering mind.

She slides her problems
into their compartments
but still they get
all tangled up”

jigsaw theory, p. 51

It was a very pleasurable read. I recommend a little bit of poetry to everyone, especially in difficult times like we are living in.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

Frank Watson was born in Venice, California and now lives in New York. He enjoys literature, art, calligraphy, landscaping, history, jazz, international travel, kickboxing, and powerlifting.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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  1. I don’t read much poetry but I’m always on the lookout for some. I might have to check this one out, great review Lu!

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