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Who’s That Earl by Susanna Craig | #BookReview @susannamcraig @lyricalpress #NetGalley #HistoricalRomance

Who's That Earl, by Susanna Craig

They both had something to hide, and those secrets could jeopardize their last chance of happiness.

Who’s That Earl by Susanna Craig is a lovely historical romance featuring a well-curved and independent heroine, and a lieutenant recently returned from the West Indies.  

My thanks to Kensington Books / Lyrical Press and NetGalley for the advanced reader’s copy. 

Book Details

Title: Who’s That Earl by Susanna Craig
Lenght: 204 pages
Publication Date: Lyrical Press (August 18, 2020)
Language: English

Book Description

Will scandalous secrets stand in the way of a second chance at love?

Miss Jane Quayle excels at invention. How else could the sheltered daughter of an English gentleman create lurid gothic novels so infamous someone wants their author silenced forever? Fortunately, Jane has taken steps to protect herself, first by assuming a pen name, and second, by taking up residence at remote Dunnock Castle, surrounded by rugged scenery that might have been ripped from the pages of one of her books. Her true identity remains a secret, until one dark and stormy night . . .

After years of spying for the British army, Thomas Sutherland doubts the Highlands will ever feel like home again. Nevertheless, thanks to a quirk of Scottish inheritance law, he’s now the Earl of Magnus, complete with a crumbling castle currently inhabited by a notorious novelist. When the writer turns out to be the woman Thomas once wooed, suspicions rise even as mutual sparks reignite. As danger closes in, can Jane and Thomas overcome their pasts to forge a future together?

From the Publisher’s Blurb

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Jane Quayle once knew Lieutenant Thomas Sutherland, or thought she knew him. They had a strong connection, but the timing was all wrong, and they did not see one another for years.

They met again, but they were not who they used to be. Jane was then Mrs. Higginbotham, the amanuensis of the famous writer Robin Ratliff, and Thomas claimed to have been hired by Ratliff to investigate some threats he had received.

They were intensely attracted to each other, but both knew there were too many secrets between them.

Graphic by @lureviewsbooks for Who's That Earl - book by Susanna Craig

The couple is adorable. Jane is easy to relate to. Her dreams, her insecurities, and her strength to face the adversities were inspiring.

Thomas was a lovely hero: respectful, honorable, and gorgeous.

There was a little adventure, a lovely castle, astonishing views of the Scottish Highlands, and a beautiful community.

My favorite side character was the fierce Agnes, Jane’s housekeeper. I also loved the gatekeeper, Dougan, and the dogs Athena and Aphrodite.

A delightful, romantic, and entertaining read!

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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About the Author

Author Susanna Craig

Almost as soon as she could hold a pencil, Susanna Craig began writing stories. Today, she pens award-winning Regency-era romance novels that blend history and heart with a dash of heat. An English professor, wife, and mom, she’s currently finding her happily ever after in Kentucky while holding onto her Midwestern roots.

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