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One Summer in Spain by Ian Wilfred | #BookReview @Ianwilfred39 #ContemporaryRomance

A lovely trip to Spain in great company

One Summer in Spain by Ian Wilfred is a lovely contemporary romance with incredible characters.

Book Details

Title: One Summer in Spain by Ian Wilfred.
Publisher: June 23, 2020
Print Lenght: 284 pages
Language: English

Book Description

Twenty-five year old Gemma is still unsure where her life is leading. Her parents are exasperated at the way in which she flits from one thing to another. A chance encounter helping Dulcie, an elderly lady who has had a fall in the street, leads to Gemma becoming housekeeper to Dulcie and her friend, Rupert.

Following a lottery win, Dulcie and Rupert rent a Spanish villa for six months and Gemma goes with them for a working holiday. It’s all one long adventure for the three of them, filled with fun days out, nights in the best restaurants and plenty of laughter.

Dario, the local taxi driver becomes fond of Gemma. Likewise, she thinks a lot of him too, but he harbours a secret.

Jamie, Dulcie’s grandson, pops over to Spain to check on his grandmother. but she’s not his only reason for visiting.

Craig, an old friend of Gemma’s, is also an acquaintance of Dulcie and Rupert. When he visits from England, Gemma’s life becomes a little uncomfortable.

How can ONE SUMMER IN SPAIN change everyone’s life? Will it be for the good, and how do their lives pan out after the six month holiday is over?

From the Publisher’s Blurb

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Gemma is 25yo and just dropped out of university. She helped an elderly lady she met by chance and ended up becoming her housekeeper.

Dulcie, the lady, lived with her friend Rupert. They were both in their seventies and were so much fun.

Rupert was my favorite character. He was so lively and charming, and with a great sense of fashion. I wish I could see one of his looks in which all his clothing, down to his socks, were in tons of Burgundy.

The friends had recently won the lottery and wanted to enjoy the time they have left in style. They decided to rent a sea-front house in Spain and take an extended vacation.

The scenario was breathtaking and a perfect escape from our current confinement.

The cross-generation relationship between Gemma, Dulcie, and Rupert was so adorable. I love stories that explore what the young can learn from their elders and vice-versa.

The cherry of the cake is the love triangle between Gemma, her highschool friend Craig, and the incredibly handsome local taxi-driver Dario.

One Summer in Spain is a lovely and romantic summer read!

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About the Author

Ian Wilfred’s debut novel ‘Putting Right The Past’ is set on the island of Tenerife and was published in 2013. Since then he has gone on to publish other books set in his beloved Norfolk, the Greek islands and Martha’s Vineyard.

In 2020 Ian has chosen a new location for his next feel good read; he’s heading off to sunny Spain.

Ian lives on the Norfolk coast with his husband and west highland terrier. He is a member of the Romantic Novelist Association.

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