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A Revolution of Hearts by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen | #BookReview @RondaHinrichsen @covenant_books #NetGalley #HistoricalFiction

A haughty French aristocrat turned into a maid

A Revolution of Hearts explores the events surrounding the French Revolution and how the upper classes had a distorted vision of their servants.

Our thanks to Covenant and NetGalley for the advanced reader’s copy. 

Book Details

Print Length: 247 pages
Covenant Communications (November 2, 2020)

Book Description

Born to a life of wealth and status, Mademoiselle Dacia de Prideaux is every inch the glittering aristocrat. However, her brother, Marcel, is an outspoken political activist, and with the country on the verge of the French Revolution, he has made dangerous enemies—one of whom takes Marcel’s life. When Dacia is accused of the unthinkable crime, she finds refuge with her dear friend Marguerite St. Just, who believes there is one man with the means to help: the wealthy fop, Sir Percy Blakeney. 

Intent on rescuing people from perilous circumstances, Richard Harris, wealthy English landowner and member of Sir Percy’s league of gentleman heroes, has been assigned to protect Dacia. Hiding her in plain sight and masquerading her as a housemaid at his estate, Richard soon comes to trust the beautiful woman under his protection, and their feelings for each other grow stronger each day. But Marcel’s murderer will never stop pursuing Dacia, and she will need both her cunning and Richard’s connection to the legendary Scarlet Pimpernel to survive.

From the Publisher’s Blurb


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Dacia de Prideaux was a French Aristocrat who was accused of murdering her own brother. Helped by some friends, she sailed to England and became a maid at the estate of Mr. Richard Harris.

Unused to hard work, Dacia, then adopting the name Louise, had to observe and learn. Richard did not know much about her, but he was surprised by her resilience.

The story has the French Revolution as a background. There is a lot of adventure, spies, and Richard’s shady but heroic deeds.

I enjoyed the interactions between the privileged Dacia and the staff of Richard’s house, and how their proximity changed her way of thinking.

The background romance was forbidden and, therefore, interesting. There was a triangle between Darcia, Richard, and his almost fiancee.

I wish things were not so quickly resolved between the three of them, but that did not diminish my enjoyment of reading the book.

The story is full of historical bits. I love it when fiction and reality interweave.

A Revolution of Hearts is an enjoyable historical fiction with a bit of romance, adventure, and an exciting glimpse into the French and English aristocracies.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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About the Author

Award-winning author, Ronda Hinrichsen (also writing as Kathleen Marks) and her family own a small farm located between the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the Great Salt Lake where she regularly sees eagles, hawks, owls, and ducks. Lots of ducks. She is the author of independently and traditionally published romantic suspense, non-fiction, and speculative books as well as numerous magazine articles and stories for children and adults. She also enjoys teaching about writing in conference and classroom settings.

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