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The Viscount’s Convenient Bride by Josie Bonham | #BlogTour #BookReview @BonhamJosie @rararesources #ARC #HistoricalRomance

Luke inherited his father’s title and estate, and with it, an unchaperoned lady and her young brother.

The Viscount’s Convenient Bride by Josie Bonham is a lovely historical romance about first impressions and the challenge of letting go of the past and embracing love.

Our thanks to the author and Rachel Random Resources for the advanced reader’s copy. 

Book Details

Length:  244 pages
Pitcheroak Press (November 1, 2020)
English | ASIN: B08MHH4M8Z

Book Description

Luke, Viscount Enstone’s, resolve to avoid a love match is tested to its limit when he accepts responsibility for the Davenport family.

Luke has found it hard to sort out his late father’s affairs. A dishonest secretary and ailing land agent have left the family estates in disorder. With new people in place, he sets off to one of his smaller properties to discover the extent of an obligation that seems out of keeping with the cold-hearted father he remembers. Why is Miss Kitty Davenport living at Shepley Hall and what was her connection to his father?

Kitty has waited for a long time to find out if the new Viscount Enstone will continue the support his father gave to her family and her patience is wearing thin. Will he carry on paying for her young brother’s education and even assist him in finding a career? For herself, all she needs is help to find a suitable position as a companion and to escape from the unwanted attentions of a persistent suitor.

From the Publisher’s Blurb

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Miss Kitty Davenport lived with her aunt in a country estate, out of her deceased father’s friend’s charity.

When her aunt died, she stayed at the state without a chaperone. She wrote to her benefactor, Viscount Enstone, but her missives went unanswered.

The old Viscount died, and his son, who was in the army, took time to get updated into his affairs.

Luke had a bad relationship with his father and always considered him cold and distant. When he learned about Kitty, he could not figure out why her father was helping her and feared she might have been his mistress.

Their first encountered did not improve in their view of each other, but when he took her to London, he found out she was smart, mature, and quite beautiful.

The book’s central theme is Luke’s fear of giving himself to love and how this affected his whole relationship with Kitty.

I love emotionally unavailable heroes, especially when everybody knows they are already deep in love, but themselves.

I wish there were more insights into Luke’s mind. Sometimes I got angry at him for keeping turning hot and cold, but I guess it was part of the angst building.

Kitty was a lovely heroine, caring about her brother and putting other’s happiness before her own.

The side characters are lovely, especially Nellie, the housekeeper, and Anne, the laid’s maid. I love how fierce and loyal they were.

The Viscount’s Convenient Bride is a romantic historical story, true to the period, with a pinch of spice and great characters.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

Josie lives in the English midlands, surrounded by towns full of history such as Evesham, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick and Worcester. Which is perhaps why her favorite reads are historical. Out of all the periods to choose from the Regency Era stirs her imagination the most. The true Regency lasted from 1811 until 1820 but dates as wide as 1789 to 1837 have been included in the extended Regency period. For Josie the true flavor of this period emerges after the iniquitous hair powder tax of 1795, unsurprisingly, scuppered the fashion for hair powder almost overnight.
Josie has always dabbled in stories but it took the combined efforts of her sister and eldest niece to set her on the path to writing novels. Her Regency romances, with a dash of adventure and intrigue, are the result.

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