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A Haunting at Havenwood by Sally Britton | #AudiobookReview @SallyBWT #ARC #Audible #HistoricalRomance

A fun story with a lovely stammering ghost and a long-hidden treasure

A Haunting at Havenwood by Sally Britton is a fun, romantic, and sweet historical romance with some lovely apparitions and exciting treasure hunting.

It is book #6 in the Season of Change series but can be read as a standalone.

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Audiobook Details

Length: 6 hrs and 5 mins
Narrated by:
 Jessica Elisa Boyd
Release date:
11-18-20 | Language: English

Audiobook Description

Nothing will keep Louisa from her great-aunt’s fortune. Except perhaps a phantom who turns out to be a most eligible bachelor. 

Although Louisa Banner insists she is not the least bit superstitious, she cannot help her misgivings when her family announces she must spend October with her great aunt in a rundown Welsh castle riddled with tales of ghosts. The family hopes Louisa will endear herself to her aunt enough to win a grand inheritance. Louisa’s only wish is to avoid a run-in with any of the phantoms spoken of by the local villagers. When Louisa stumbles upon a forgotten graveyard, and a man whose name comes directly from a tombstone, she isn’t certain whether to run away in terror or stay and get to know the handsome spirit. 

Erasmus Grey is cursed, and not only because he sometimes hears the voices of his dead grandparents. While most men would count it a blessing to be a wealthy, eligible bachelor, Ras is absolutely panic-stricken at the idea of finding a bride. Rather than succumb to the matchmaking mothers of London, he retreats to an old family cottage with no plans to return to society. Though he manages to keep his presence in the country a secret, coming upon a lovely young woman during one of his rambles nearly undoes all his careful work. But when he realizes Miss Banner thinks him a ghost, Ras wonders if he might have found a way to cure his own fears.

From the Publisher’s Blurb


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Louisa’s father passed away a few years prior, and the family finances had deteriorated ever since.

After failing again to capture a husband, and with their finances reaching a breaking point, Louisa’s cold mother sent her to live with a distant great-aunt in the far north of England.

The great-aunt, to Louisa’s surprise, was actually quite nice. The place was remote and cold, but the people were so warm and different from her judgmental and distant mother.

The place’s most irresistible attraction was the ghost that ‘lived’ at the local graveyard and the treasure he was connected to.

The story was lovely! Ras, the ghost, was the sweetest of heroes. He was shy, stammered a bit, and was utterly captivating.

Together, Louisa and Ras, with the help of two other adorable ghosts, looked for the treasure, falling hopelessly in love in the meantime.

I loved how the story moved me by simply relaying their small gestures of affection. I love how it captures the magic of holding hands for the first time, the energy of an involuntary touch. It was pure and sweet.

Once again, the narration is very clear and well performed. It is my third audiobook by Jessica Elisa Boyd, and I like her more and more as I listen to her work. One of the characters was Scottish, and I loved her rendition of him.

A Haunting at Havenwood is a sweet romance with a bit of adventure, a tad of family drama, and a small fun dose of supernatural.

Lovely! Highly Recommended!

Disclosure: I received a promotional code for this audiobook from the author for an honest review.

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About the Author

Sally Britton is sixth generation Texan, received her BA in English from Brigham Young University, and reads voraciously. She started her writing journey at the tender age of fourteen on an electric typewriter, and she’s never looked back.

Sally lives in Oklahoma with her husband, four children, and their overly energetic Australian Shepherd. She loves researching, hiking, and eating too much chocolate.

 Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads


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