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I’m Only Wicked With You by Julie Anne Long | #BookReview @JulieAnneLong @avonbooks #NetGalley #HistoricalRomance

She was an Earl’s daughter, and he was an ambitious American with no patience for the ways of the British Aristocracy.  

I’m Only Wicked With You is a lovely story about realizing that what you want is not necessarily what you need.

It is book #3 in the Palace of Rogues series but can be read as a standalone.

Our thanks to Avon Books and NetGalley for the advanced reader’s copy.

Book Details

Title: I’m Only Wicked with You
Publisher: Avon (April 27, 2021)
Page count: 400
Language: English
ASIN: B08DNV6749

Book Description

USA Today bestselling author Julie Anne Long continues her Palace of Rogues series with a brand-new romance about an ambitious American and a headstrong British heiress.

He’s the battle-hardened son of a bastard, raised in the wilds of New York. She’s the sheltered, blue-blooded darling of the London broadsheets, destined to marry a duke. Their worlds could only collide in a boardinghouse by the London docks…and when they do, the sparks would ignite all of England. 

Nothing can stop Hugh Cassidy’s drive to build an American empire…unless it’s his new nemesis, the arrogant, beautiful, too-clever-by-half Lady Lillias Vaughn. The fascination is mutual. The temptation is merciless. And the inevitable indiscretion? Soul-searing—and the ruination of them both. Hugh’s proposal salvages Lillias’s honor but kills their dreams for their futures…until they arrive at a plan that could honorably set them free. 

But unraveling their entanglement inadvertently uncovers enthralling truths: about Lillias’s wounded, tender heart and fierce spirit. About Hugh’s stunning gentleness, depth, and courage. Soon Hugh knows that as surely as he’d fight a thousand battles to win her…the best way to love Lillias means breaking his own heart. 

From the Publisher’s Blurb

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The Palace of Rogues series takes place at the charming Grand Palace of the Thames, a boarding house next to the London docks that hosts fascinating characters.

Lillias is an Earl’s daughter staying at The Grand Palace with her parents due to an incident with a snake. It is a tad far-fetched, but keep going; you won’t regret it.

Once there, Lillias met Hugh Cassidy, a young and ambitious American on a rescue mission. Hugh had very clear views of what he wanted for his future, and it depended mostly on his return to his country as soon as possible.

Clearly, Hugh and Lillias had nothing in common and, worse yet, had very different dreams and expectations for their future lives. The only thing they shared was an undeniable attraction to each other.

I love how the story develops. The couple is always conscious of their differences, and they do not confuse lust and love.

It was refreshing to see how they approached their relationship with a clear mind and how their desire for each other did not guide them from the get-go.

The couple was beyond adorable. Lillias was a beautiful person, but part of the environment she was raised in.

Hugh was all one dreams of a romantic hero. Dashing, smart, confident, but vulnerable and a little clueless at the end of the day.

The sexual tension was wonderful, and the chemistry off-the-charts.

It was delightful to revisit the characters from the previous books in the series, especially Mr. Delacorte. I wish he will eventually be a hero in his own book. He is so adorably funny.

So far, I’m Only Wicked With You is my favorite in the series!

Highly recommended!

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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About the Author

Julie Anne Long lived in San Francisco for more than a decade, usually with at least one cat. She won the school spelling bee when she was in 7th grade; the word that clinched it was ‘ukulele.’ She originally set out to be a rock star when she grew up (she had a Bono fixation, but who didn’t?), and she has the guitars and the questionable wardrobe stuffed in the back of my closet to prove it.

But writing was always her first love.

Website | Amazon | Twitter | Instagram

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