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Review | For Love and Country by Candace Walters

During WWII, a wealthy woman leaves everything behind to become an airplane mechanic.

For Love and Country is a very interesting story about women’s role in WWII. Our thanks to the author and NetGalley for the advanced reader’s copy. ​

Book Description:
(By the Publisher)

For fans of Janet Beard’s The Atomic City Girls and Marie Benedict’s The Only Woman in the Room, this powerful, romantic novel tells the story of a woman determined to aid her country, finding love in the midst of tragedy along the way during World War II. 

When Lottie Palmer runs away the day before her wedding to join the Navy WAVES program, she not only leaves behind a fiancé, but also the privileged lifestyle that she has known as the daughter of one of the most important manufacturers in Detroit’s auto industry. Spurred by a desire to contribute meaningfully to the war effort, Lottie pours all of her focus and determination into becoming the best airplane mechanic in the division, working harder than she’s ever worked before.

Her grit impresses her handsome instructor, Captain Luke Woodward. But when the war ramps up and she is assigned to Pearl Harbor she must fight her growing feelings for Luke and navigate her role as one of the only female mechanics among a group of men, all while finding out what it means to be your own hero.

Illuminating the story of a woman who sets out to make a difference in the world by following her heart, Candace Waters draws on her extensive research, transporting us from Detroit to New York, and San Diego to Pearl Harbor during the tumultuous time of World War II.

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​I was instantly interested in this book when I read the heroine was an airplane mechanic during WWII. It is one of those stories that shows what humans are capable of when facing extreme circumstances. 

In times of Corona Virus and uncertainty, I’ve seen the same spirit shown by the heroine and her fellow soldiers, in doctors and other health workers, volunteers, and all involved in keeping essential services running. The current events enhanced the reading experience.

The story starts with the heroine, Lottie Palmer, attending one of many parties thrown to celebrate her impending wedding to Eugene. Daughter of a Detroit car manufacturer, her sheltered life kept the war being fought in Europe distant and abstract.

For Love and Country, Candace Waters

But deep inside, Lottie felt she needed to do something. Amidst a war, she should not be dressing up and attending parties. This feeling was overwhelming.

She ends up jilting her fiance and enlisting into the navy where she becomes an airplane mechanic.

The book tells in detail her struggle to be accepted and respected by her comrades. It takes the reader through her training and her service at Pearl Harbour.

​I love the fact that the author takes the time to develop her relationship with her colleagues and superiors, and even describes in detail her many adventures fixing different kinds of engines.

There is a love story in the background that, as fits the heroine, is marked by duty, loyalty, and bravery.

A wonderful read. I highly recommend to everyone that enjoys a strong heroine in a soul searching story with a bit of romance and a happy ending.

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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