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A Gift for Christmas by Julia Cassandra | #BookReview @JCassandraBooks #ARC #HistoricalRomance #ChristmasReads

Christmas is a time for forgiveness and second chances.

A Gift for Christmas by Julia Cassandra is a romantic second-chance, cross-class Christmas novella.

Our thanks to the author for the advanced reader’s copy.

Book Details

Print Length: 112 pages
December 1, 2020

Book Description

Well born Cora Jameson has a secret. Cast out of her family home at eighteen, pregnant and alone, she’s been forced through hard work and determination to find a position to support herself. After five years of working her way up the social ladder she fell down, she’s comfortable, employed, and content.

Until Simon returns.

Simon Bristley, Lord Craven, lost everything dear to him at Waterloo. Wounded, struck dumb by cannon, and understanding his one true love had wed another, he returns to England with a hero’s welcome and throws himself into work.

Until he finds Cora once again.

Now, these two lost lovers must sail a tide of misunderstanding and lies that have kept them apart for six long years.

From the Publisher’s Blurb


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Cora was once a happy young girl in love, but when her beloved died in Waterloo, leaving her unmarried and pregnant, she was expelled from home and had to learn how to survive and provide for herself and her daughter.

After getting some help from a distant relative, Cora was lucky to get a cook position in a respectful home.

To her surprise, several years later, Simon, her beloved, simply showed unexpectedly as a guest of her employer.

The plot was very well developed for a novella. Obviously, some parts could not be deeply explored, but it was enough for the story to feel whole.

The characters were charming and relatable. There was a right balance of angst and sweetness, and the couple had good chemistry. I love cross-class romances.

Their separation was caused by a series of misunderstandings and the meddling of their relatives. I wish some of the misconceptions had been clarified a little earlier in the story, but it all worked out fine in the end.

The side characters are adorable, especially her employer and his secretary; I especially enjoyed their subplot.

A scene reminded me of Persuasion, and it made me smile—nothing more romantic than a love letter.

A Gift for Christmas by Julia Cassandra is a romantic and swift Christmas read. There is still time to read it before the holidays!

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

Julia Cassandra is a life-long lover of reading, and has enjoyed her favorite genre – Historical Romance – since she first stole a book from her mother’s shelf to read at aged twelve. Many, many years later she finally has put all of that… research… to good use. Her premiere novel – Healing Words fulfills a dream of joining the ranks of all of her favorite authors. Look soon for her Christmas novella, and Book 2 of the ‘Bent But Not Broken’ series.

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